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In the mood for Nick. Again.

Because I can’t get it out of my head:

Because I was singing it all day at work:

Because I love them dancing:

Because it’s one of the best songs ever:

And because it’s perfect:

Another Day

Who do I have to kill to get one of these…?

Nestrest, designed by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety for Dedon ( Cost from £9 000, ekhem…




J Ralph

J Ralph is a composer, who has never undergone any formal training in music. He’s unable to read or write music notes. However, his unusual abilities to play almost any instrument in a very short time allow him to create polyphonic pieces of compositions – including recording hist last album with 75-piece orchestra.

We can read in his bio that his studio is in a former vaudeville and silent-movie theater on New York’s Lower East Side. It’s lit by candles surrounding a burbling nineteenth-century iron-pedestal fish tank and mini spotlights focused on gilded cherubs thirty feet up. To one side is Duke Ellingtone’s piano, and to the other, a celesta, which sounds like a toy piano tuned to your nightmares; vintage guitar amps flank a five-foot gong. It’s the Playboy mansion of music gear.

Koktajl z poetow, czyli taka sobie proba remiksu

nie ma cię pani łagodna
nie ma cię pani radosna

szkoda że cię tu nie ma

jakkolwiek mam cię zwać jakkolwiek
uprościć pozwól niech z czegoś odczytam tylko
stuk wlasnego serca
nie ma cię – nie ma
chłód. chłód.
obsesyjna mantra

na wszystko odpowiem
choc nie usłyszysz ani słowa

idę do ciebie przez zbutwiałe sny
w ciżmach z ołowiu
kir wleczony po bruku hełmy podkute buty konie artyleryjskie
werbel werrrrbel

a w kazdym oddechu
nieustanne szachy
po co nam ten worek z piaskiem
po co nam ten gips

uspokoj sie
bo widzę
bo nie ma nikogo
bo nie ma
bo nie ma nikogo
kto by nas wyciagnął na brzeg